Dekko’s windows to wow show-goers at FIT

Award-winning Dekko Window Systems are adding stylish aluminium windows to their much-celebrated Räum Collection.

Award-winning Dekko Window Systems are adding stylish aluminium windows to their much-celebrated Räum Collection.

Launched to great acclaim in 2015, Dekko’s Räum Collection range originally consisted of sleek, high-performing aluminium doors, inspired by the outstanding quality and design of German manufacturing.

Seeing increasing demand for high-end home improvement products from increasingly discerning end users, Dekko has now responded by adding window products that it hopes will help installers capitalise on that trend.

Dekko Sales Director Kurt Greatrex commented: “The original Räum Collection proved so successful it was inevitable that we would add windows to the range at some stage. We’ve based them on the Reynaers profile – renowned for its strength, style and fantastic energy efficiency. Now, our trade customers can offer homeowners a complete package of high-end aluminium.”

The new Räum Collection windows will be among the array of best-in-class products Dekko will be bringing to Birmingham in May, when it makes its FIT Show debut. Numerous examples of the fabricator’s cutting-edge Infinity uPVC corner-welding process will also be on display. Faithfully replicating traditional timber with all the benefits of state-of-the-art uPVC, Infinity combines A+ rated energy efficiency and British Standard PAS24-accredited security with one of the smoothest corner welds on the market.

“The FIT Show offers us the perfect platform to introduce Räum Collection windows to the industry,” Kurt continues. “We all know it’s getting harder for installers to stand out in an increasingly competitive market, and a full suite of stylish, robust, thermally excellent aluminium window and door products offer them a fantastic way to do that. We look forward to sharing more about them at the FIT Show in May – but if you’ve got any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch!”

Dekko Windows Systems was founded in 2008 by Gary Torr and Kurt Greatrex, and is one of the leading fabricators of high-end uPVC and aluminium windows and doors. Based in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, Dekko Window Systems was listed in the 2016 edition of the London Stock Exchange’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. The report celebrates the fastest growing small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

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Dekko double showroom space as Infinity takes off

Coloured uPVC Window Frame

It’s been a transformative twelve months for Dekko Window Systems. Opening a cutting-edge new production facility, launching its rapturously-received high-end door brand Räum, and following that up with the ground-breaking Infinity range of graf welded uPVC has left it with a lot to shout about – and now, the Ashton-Under-Lyne fabricator has invested in a new showroom to exhibit its significantly expanded product portfolio.

The new development has allowed Dekko to overhaul the way it showcases its products. The newly built facility will be used to introduce customers to Infinity – displaying the bespoke selection of graf welded windows and doors in an environment where visitors can physically see the difference between their seamless welds and industry-standard corner joins, as well as the extensive range of colours and finishes Infinity frames are available in.

This will allow Dekko’s pre-existing showroom to be used to showcase the rest of the products in its comprehensive product range, including premium uPVC and aluminium doors from the Räum collection, high-end uPVC from respected extruders Kommerling and Deceuninck, and the newly expanded Residence Collection, now comprising Residence 7, Residence 8, and Residence², alongside the incredibly successful Residence 9 timber-effect window.

“We’re delighted to be opening our new showroom,” commented Kurt Greatrex, Dekko Sales Director. “We’ve experienced incredible growth over the past few years and really diversified our product range, and so the time was right for us to create extra space to show it off. When they see them in person, customers can really see the difference between our products and those of other fabricators – particularly when it comes to our exclusive offerings like Räum and Infinity.”

The new showroom is a characteristic move from a fabricator that’s repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to make sizeable investments in the future. Dekko was a notable early adopter of Residence 9, becoming one of the country’s biggest Residence 9 suppliers. Last year, it opened a new 55,000 square foot factory, filled with over a million pounds of equipment, then unveiled its signature Räum range of bifold, patio and slide and swing doors, backed by a daring ad campaign that was nominated for a Construction Marketing Award.

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Our new uPVC window is a smooth operator

Dekko's new infinity Raum window

Here at Dekko Window Systems, the Lancashire based fabricator behind the highly-regarded Räum range of premium-quality doors, we are launching our latest innovation in the form of Räum Infinity, a new selection of uPVC windows and doors featuring smooth timber-style joints.

Revolutionary technology

The range is manufactured using revolutionary graf welding technology and aims to capitalise on the buoyant timber alternative market that we have already tapped so successfully as a leading supplier of Residence 9.

The main USP on Räum Infinity can be found on the corner joint. Where traditional uPVC frames feature unattractive 3mm corner grooves left behind when excess plastic from the manufacturing process is removed, our Dekko team uses state of the art machinery to force this unwanted material inside the frame, thereby eliminating the corner weld and leaving behind seamlessly smooth timber-style joints.

“A beautiful smooth finish”

Our sales director Kurt Greatrex comments: “For many consumers, the big drawback with uPVC has been the unsightly corner weld, but with Räum Infinity that is no longer the case. With its beautiful smooth finish, Räum Infinity looks more like a wooden window than uPVC, and will appeal to discerning consumers at the higher end of the market. The seamless weld is a genuine leap forward in uPVC window technology and it gives our trade customers the opportunity to really position themselves right at the forefront of the market.”

A range of high performance features

Räum Infinity windows are available in a choice of two systems – the Deceuninck 2500 and Deceuninck 2800 profile series – and the full range of Deceuninck foils, including the new heritage range. Maco locks are included as standard as well as a choice of premium quality hardware. Other key features include mechanically jointed transoms and mullions, as well as attractive equal sightlines, further enhancing the timber aesthetic.

To help installers sell the benefits of Räum Infinity to the end user, we have provided a comprehensive marketing support pack that includes window samples, corner samples, a T-Bar sample (incorporating mechanical joints and smooth welds), a display stand, a wall board, brochures and other point of sale material.

Dekko – leading fabricators

Founded in 2008 by Gary Torr and Kurt Greatrex, Dekko Window Systems are firmly established as one of the UK’s leading Residence 9, Deceuninck and Kommerling fabricators. We operate from a 55,000 square foot facility in Ashton-under-Lyne and we were recently named one of the London Stock Exchanges 1,000 Businesses to Inspire Britain.

You need to see Räum Infinity for yourself to appreciate the difference, so feel free to contact us if you would like to order a sample or visit our dedicated Räum showroom.

Residence 9 uPVC window system – Q&A

John Cowie, editor of trade magazine Windows Active interviews Dekko’s Sales Manager Kurt Greatrex on the features and benefits of Residence 9, Dekko’s latest product:

Hi Kurt. First, could you briefly explain what Residence 9 is?

Residence 9 is a luxury nine-chambered uPVC window system that is designed to replicate a 19th century flush sash timber window. It’s a high-end product that’s particularly suited to jobs in the heritage market.
An image of a residence 9 upvc window with monkey tail handles

Why did Dekko decide to introduce Residence 9 to your product range?

There’s a real opportunity for growth in the high-end sector and we wanted to offer our customers a product that would enable them to compete in this market. While the poor economic climate has affected the middle to lower end in recent years, wealthy consumers are spending more than ever before and luxury brands are reaping the benefits. Residence 9 is genuinely one of the best products we’ve seen and we predict the system is going to be a huge seller for Dekko and our customers.

Can you tell us some more about the authentic features of Residence 9?

Residence 9 is mechanically jointed to replicate the joints used on traditional timber windows, and it can be supplied in a wide range of textures and colours that give the appearance of painted timber. With our R9 window, we use astragal bars that have the same depth as the bead, giving a more authentic look. Traditional hardware such as monkeytail handles can also be incorporated. It’s the most authentic system on the market and installers can use it to win business in a variety of markets.

What sort of properties do you see R9 going into?

Residence 9 looks just as great installed in a town house as it does in more traditional properties, and the authentic features will help installers appeal to consumers who want a high-end luxury window. The system is perfect for today’s busy homeowner as it has all the traditional charm of timber but because it’s made from a modern composite material it’s incredibly easy to maintain. This will help installers sell to homeowners who want the look of timber without the hassle – and the price!

Is there a Residence 9 door as well?

Yes, we offer a fully glazed door, a French door and a composite with the Solidor slab. By offering these alongside the window installers can then offer their customers a high-end door that will completely match their new Residence 9 UPVc windows.

Is there a triple glazing option?

Yes the window can accommodate a 44mm triple glazed sealed unit.

What about the windows thermal performance?

R9 can achieve a U-value of just 0.8 W/m2K, meaning it is one of the most energy efficient windows on the market today. This will appeal to architects who are often striving to achieve the ‘greenest’ possible designs.

Do you think installer interest for Residence 9 is there?

There was a real buzz around R9 when it was displayed at the FIT Show and many of the installers we spoke to could see it selling into the heritage market. We’re embarking on a big marketing campaign to raise awareness of the product and have already received a staggering response from our recent R9 email campaign – with over 100 leads generated in just five days. So, yes, we believe the interest is definitely there.

Do you have any marketing support tools on offer for installers?

Yes there is a high quality R9 brochure that is available to all our trade customers. We also offer point of sale stickers, a planning and conservation leaflet and we’ve developed a new website that’s generating retail leads for us to pass onto customers.

Are you prepared for future demand for the system?

We are currently manufacturing R9 from our 28,000 sq ft factory in Cheshire, where we have the capacity to fabricate several hundred windows and doors per week. Later in the year we plan to open a new manufacturing facility to concentrate fully on R9 while our existing factory will cater for our Deceuninck and Kommerling windows and doors as before.

For more information about the Residence 9 UPVc window systems speak to Kurt by calling 0161 406 0055 or enquire here.

Dekko launch Residence 9

Dekko Window Systems, one of the industry’s leading PVC-u fabricators, has announced they are now offering Residence 9 (R9), the luxury 9 chambered window system from Eclectic Systems. Dekko have capacity to fabricate several hundred R9 windows and doors per week from their 28,000 sq ft factory in Cheshire, and are in the process of teaming up with like-minded installers to sell this product into the lucrative high-end heritage market.

Dekko sales director Kurt Greatrex comments: “There’s real opportunity for growth in the heritage sector and R9 is the perfect product for this market. R9 is packed with authentic features, making it look identical to a 19th Century flush sash timber window, but because it is made with a modern composite material it doesn’t have the same maintenance issues. R9 is ideally suited to cottages, town houses and period properties and because it is a luxury window, installers can gain better margins and expect to see a boost in profits.”

The product was recently displayed at the FIT Show, where R9 extruders Eclectic Systems were exhibiting. Kurt attended the show with Dekko’s managing director Gary Torr and both were delighted to see so many installers interested in R9.

Gary comments: “There was a real buzz around R9 at the FIT Show and many of the installers we spoke to thought the same as us – that the product was genuinely one of the best around and they could see it selling in the heritage market. We picked up a number of good leads from the show and we only anticipate interest in R9 to increase, particularly as we are now embarking on a big marketing campaign to raise awareness of the product.”

Dan Gill, managing director of Eclectic Systems commented: “Dekko are well recognised as a quality focussed fabricator and I’m delighted they have decided to offer R9. R9 is a top end window and Dekko has the manufacturing expertise needed to produce the product in high volumes yet still retain exceptional quality. Eclectic Systems is fully behind Dekko and I look forward to supporting them as they look to increase R9 sales over the coming months.”

Specifying Residence 9 is as simple as giving us a call on 0161 406 0055 or send us a message.