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The Infinity range

Easy to maintain, energy efficient and boasting an innovative smooth corner weld design that let’s homeowners make a distinct style statement, Räum Infinity is the revolutionary new choice for all installers that wish to offer PVCu windows and doors in the UK.

Like our other selection of windows and doors, Räum Infinity products from Dekko are manufactured using high quality Deceuninck profiles for the highest level of both energy efficiency and robustness. The difference with Infinity however, is that rather than featuring the typical ugly corner welds in the corner of the frame, Infinity pushes in the leftover plastic to result in a profile with perfectly smooth, timber-like corner joints.

You can become one of the first to offer this revolutionary new product range to your customers, offering the ultimate combination of both appreciated practicality and contemporary aesthetics. PVCu has always excelled at keeping the heat in and the weather out, but Räum Infinity is a range that provides both style as well as comfort to all potential consumers.

Not only will our new Räum Infinity range help you appeal to homeowners who want timber windows and doors without any of the usual hassle, it’s truly smooth and clean appearance is a major selling point that will help get you noticed more easily in a competitive market.

infinity smooth weld

Infinity is the innovative new choice for all installers that wish to offer the most premium PVCu windows and doors in the UK.

  • Innovative smooth corner weld for contemporary yet timber-like visuals
  • Slim frames and sleek sightlines that are low maintenance and easily cleanable
  • Timber-effect laminated finish for successful authenticity
  • Choice of 42 different colours and woodgrain finishes, including white, rosewood, golden oak and black
  • High security SAC handles and MACO locks for consumer peace of mind
  • Sealed unit for increased energy efficiency
  • Formed using either 2500 or 2800 Deceuninck decorative profile
  • Internal and external frame colours can be customised to reflect differing characteristics of the home
  • Lifespan of several decades
  • Manufactured using Graf Synergy’s state-of-the-art Seamless Quad Welder

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