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Are Smart door locks safe?


Smart door locks are revolutionising home security. Using the latest technology, locking systems such as those developed by Kubu allow homeowners to check their door’s status remotely and receive notifications to their Smart phone whenever the door is locked or unlocked.

The simple answer to ‘are Smart door locks safe?’ is yes. Smart door locks do not improve your existing deadbolt or multi-point locking system. Instead, they work in conjunction with your door lock to enhance homeowner peace of mind and provide a range of modern services to improve your lifestyle.

How secure is Kubu?

Kubu Smart locks are extremely secure. They are PAS 24 accredited and contain the largest hooks and bolts of any UK door locking systems. Kubu locks are designed to block remote unlocking from your phone. The only way to unlock a Kubu lock is physically with the key. This means that even if your phone is hacked, because Kubu is not controlled via the ‘cloud’, the hacker will not be able to unlock your door.

Another benefit of having no remote locking via your phone is that you will never accidentally unlock your door by pressing a button on your phone. If you leave your phone at home or it runs out of battery, you will still be able to get into your home using the key and won’t be left standing on your doorstep.

What is Kubu Smart lock activation?


Kubu Smart locks have a sensor located inside the door lock. The sensor is activated every time the door is locked or unlocked, and a notification is sent to the user’s Smart phone. This alerts the homeowner to any suspicious activity if the door is locked or unlocked at unusual times of the day.

If anyone attempts to force the door open, a notification will be sent to the user’s Smart phone to tell them that the Kubu door lock has been compromised. The user can then immediately contact the police to increase the likelihood of preventing a burglary. This feature is particularly useful if you are going to be away from home overnight, providing you with an instant message in case of a break-in attempt.

How do you pair Smart locks?

Pairing your Smart locking system with your Smart phone is quick and easy to set up. Once you receive your Kubu starter kit you can download the Kubu app and begin the set-up process. Follow the set-up instructions on the Kubu website, plug in the Kubu hub and connect it to your home’s wi-fi.

Next, insert your door sensors into the Kubu lock. You can now link your door sensors to the Kubu hub. Once you’re connected you can set up additional Smart phones to connect with Kubu depending on how many people live in your household. You can also pair Smart locks with Alexa for vocal updates on your door’s status.

Do Smart locks lock automatically?

While some keyless Smart locks can be set to lock automatically, Kubu locks do not have this feature. Kubu locks must be locked and unlocked manually. This eliminates the chance of being locked out of your home and ensures that your home is as secure as possible.

If you do forget to lock your door, the sensor in the Kubu locking system will send a status alert to your Smart phone notifying you that your door is unlocked. The message will be sent as soon as you are out of range of your home wi-fi allowing you to easily go back and lock the door. This combination of the traditional and the modern makes Kubu Smart locks the most useful and innovative Smart locking systems available today.

Features and benefits of Kubu Smart locks

Kubu Smart Phone

Kubu Smart locks are a popular and innovative way to interact with your home security from any location 24 hours a day. With a Kubu compatible door, you have access to all the features and benefits of Smart home security. When you install a Kubu Smart lock on your home, you get:

  • Notifications sent to your phone about your door’s status (locked or unlocked)
  • Simple set-up and installation process
  • Interactive set-up and notification scheduling
  • Innovative perimeter feature which sends a notification to your phone as soon as you are out of range of your home wi-fi to alert you if your door is unlocked
  • Central hub to monitor all Kubu activated doors in your home
  • Comprehensive history feature to check back on your door’s status at different times
  • Friends and family sharing functionality via the Kubu app
  • Combination of traditional key locking and innovative Smart technology

As you can see, Kubu Smart locks are an excellent addition to any homeowner’s home security system. If you’re an installer and you’d like to offer your customers Kubu locking on their new door, at Dekko, we offer a selection of doors which are Kubu compatible.

To find out more about our selection of Kubu compatible doors, get in touch with Dekko today. For more information about Kubu Smart locks or any of our products and services call 0161 406 0055 or contact us online.


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