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The differences between the Residence R7 and R9 windows broken down

The Residence Collection is one of the most prestigious, best-performing ranges of timber effect uPVC windows available to glazing installers today. Two of the most popular options in the Residence Collection are Residence 7 windows and Residence 9 windows.

Residence 7 and Residence 9 windowsR9 windows vs R7 windows

Generally, the Residence 9 is better suited to period properties and the Residence 7 to more modern architecture. However, to help you decide exactly which is right for a project you’re working on, we’ve looked at their other key differences below.

The number of chambers

R7 Residence windows have 7 heat-trapping chambers and R9 windows have 9. However, both take 28mm double or 44m triple glazing and achieve excellent energy ratings of A+.

Residence 9 upvc window with monkey tail handle

Profile width

Residence 9 has a profile that is 100mm wide whilst the Residence 7 system has a 75mm wide profile.

Number of standard colourways

Choose from 20 standard colourways for R7 and 23 for the R9. However, both are available with a dual colour option.


The Residence 9 features a raised, horizontal-running moulding that used to be found on old timber windows. Its purpose is to reinforce the mullion and shed dripping water. This gives them increasing authenticity in terms of the way they look and how they function.

Corner joints

Residence 9 corner jointThe joints on the Residence 9 are butted together so they resemble old timber windows.

However, the Residence 7 collection is available with a range of joint options

  • The mitre weld option fuses the joints diagonally, resembling the joints that are found on more modern windows
  • Graf weld joints give them a diagonal appearance but one that is seamless
  • For diagonal weld joints on the internal profile and timber joints on the exterior, a MechWeld/External Timber Look option is available too.

Residence windows manufactured in Lancashire but supplied across the UK

We hope this has helped you to determine whether R7 or R9 windows are right for your project. If so, and for further information on R9 or R7 windows cost, please give Dekko a call on 0161 406 0055 or contact us online.

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