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Streamlining composite door installation: A guide for installers

Installing a composite door is typically a straightforward process for our network of skilled installers. However, it’s valuable to refresh your memory, as even small tasks can be overlooked on the job. This composite door installation guide is designed to assist installers who need a quick refresher before completing a successful installation.

Composite door installation process

Thermally efficient glazing on solid timber core door

Optimal doorset placement – When fitting a door, the frame’s positioning within the aperture is crucial. The new doorset’s placement should achieve the following:

  • Span the cavity.
  • Cover the damp proof course.
  • Minimise exposure to the elements by setting it as far back as possible in the aperture.

Fixing distances – To establish proper fixing spacings, secure the three sides of the frame as follows:

  • Corner fixings: Maintain a minimum of 150mm and a maximum of 250mm distance from the external corner to prevent weld cracking.
  • Mullion or transom fixings: Ensure they are not closer than 150mm or further than 250mm from the centre line of a mullion or transom.
  • Intermediate fixings: Keep centres no greater than 600mm apart.
  • Use a minimum of 3 fixings on each jamb.

Using installation packers – To prevent distortion to the outer frame during installation, employ appropriately sized installation packers. These should span the full width of the outer frame profile and must not compress or rot. Tighten fixings to securely hold the outer frame against the packers.

Perimeter sealing – To prevent water and air leakage, always apply a perimeter sealant. Ensure the sealant fills the entire gap between the aperture and the doorset.

Adjusting the composite door

Secure shootbolt locking system

Hinge adjustments – Vertical adjustment of +4mm (5mm Allen Key):

  • Remove the end cap.
  • To raise the door sash, turn the vertical adjustment screw clockwise, ensuring equal adjustment across all hinges.
  • To lower the door sash, turn the vertical adjustment screw anti-clockwise, again adjusting all hinges equally.

Lateral adjustment – Rotate the lateral adjustment drives in the necessary direction.

Lock-off screw – For outward-opening doors, tighten the grub screw to lock the pin in place.

Cylinder guard attachment:

  • Slide the cylinder guard over the cylinder and secure its position by tightening the internal screw.
  • Mark the cylinder’s outside edge with a pencil.
  • Remove the internal screw and take out the cylinder.
  • Align the outside cylinder guard with the pencil mark on the cylinder’s edge. Tighten grub screws evenly on both sides using a 2mm allen key.
  • Slide the cylinder back through the lock and secure the other half of the guard.
  • Ensure that all screws are tightly secured for effective results.

Secure and stylish composite doors

Composite doors are a popular front door choice for UK homeowners, and at Dekko, we manufacture and supply Solidor composite doors to our trade customers. In addition to a stunning design, these doors set the standard for superior construction, thanks to a solid timber core that provides a robust layer of protection, and a weather-resistant GRP skin that makes them low maintenance and perfect for any style of property.

What are the benefits of Solidor composite doors?

Black solidor composite door

Enhanced security features – Solidor composite doors offer unparalleled security, as they feature a solid timber core and a sturdy composite frame. Additionally, they are equipped with high-security locking systems, anti-snap cylinders, and advanced multi-point locking mechanisms, offering the perfect door for superior protection against intruders.

Energy efficiency – Solidor composite doors provide excellent thermal insulation, which helps to reduce heat loss and energy consumption. Homeowners can enjoy a more comfortable living space while saving on heating and cooling costs.

Wide range of designs and finishes – With Solidor, you have an extensive choice of door designs, from contemporary to traditional styles. We offer a vast array of glazing options, colours, finishes and accessories including woodgrain effects, which replicate the appearance of real timber without the maintenance requirements. They are also available in popular colours such as duck egg blue, Chartwell green, Irish oak, truffle and forest green.

Low maintenance – Solidor composite doors are designed to be low maintenance, requiring only occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. The robust materials used in their construction ensure they do not warp, rot, or fade over time.

Durability and longevity – The combination of uPVC, GRP, and a solid timber core ensures that this style of door is highly durable and have a long lifespan, outlasting many conventional doors.

How can Dekko help you?

Solidor composite doors offer an excellent choice for trade installers, as they combine security, energy efficiency, and a variety of designs to meet the diverse preferences of homeowners. By understanding the benefits and installation process, you can confidently recommend Solidor composite doors and provide your customers with a high-quality and reliable entryway solution.

Dekko is a leading supplier of high-quality composite doors, uPVC and aluminium windows and doors, serving to the trade. For more information on our products and services, give us a call today on 0161 406 0055 or contact us online.


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